West Sussex Landscape photography workshops

 Landscape Photography Basics Workshop Course – One to One

Modern digital camera equipment and software can make the prospect of learning daunting but I first break it down to the basics of capturing images that have always been the raw ingredients of photography; Composition, focus, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Once these are covered we look at the technicalities of post processing on the computer.

Chris’s workshops are fantastic! Really informative and good fun. Highly recommended. JE, August 2023..

Fantastic landscape tutorial from Chris this week. VERY patient and extremely helpful and clear instructions and explanations. Gave me confidence to ‘move up’ to Manual mode and now have a greater knowledge of Lightroom. David B November 2023

You can purchase a workshop session as a gift by purchasing the £125 gift voucher from my shop. These do not expire and your recipient can arrange a suitable time with me when they wish.


Part 1 – Pre Course Basics

I have developed a simple, 2 page introduction to the basics that covers ISO, Shutter speed, aperture and what RAW files are and why we use them. This is sent out a few days before the course as a foundation. We’ll cover it again on the day so don’t worry if any aspects are not clear!


Part 2 – capturing images

A one to one session covering the basics of camera controls and composition and is largely practical, on the beach at Felpham, West Sussex (or close by if you prefer).

  • Review of the affects of shutter speed, aperture and sensor sensitivity (ISO) provided in the pre-course basics
  • Planning your shot and composition
  • Focusing
  • Introduction to using filters to balance the exposure between land and sky
  • Shooting in RAW mode for better processing
Climping Beach breakwater leading into the sunset in West Sussex

Part 3 – processing images

Having captured RAW files in module 1 the creativity continues, processing those files  into finished images for printing or posting online. 

  • How Lightroom is your one stop shop for organising and processing your files
  • Using Lightroom to balance the exposure across the image, fine tune the colours, sharpening, noise reduction and more.
  • Exporting your images from Lightroom for use on the Web or print.

 One to One. Approximately 4 hours in total, bring your own camera or use mine. £125 payable via bank transfer.

Parts 2 and 3 can be split; for example if we are photographing sunset in the summer participants may wish to complete the processing session on a different day to avoid a late night.


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Drone Operators – I am a qualified Drone operator and can adapt this course for drone photography! See my drone photography page for examples of my work!

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